A creative force impulsed by the Creative Director and Designer Virginie Knysak to root the brand in the artistic field on an international level.

The recipes originate from a royal Polish heritage dating back from the 18th century in Lorraine, France.

Virginie Knysak
CEO Creative Director
« I wanted to give a new interpretation of classics by looking at them through the prism of our time and adding a cheerful touch.

Bewitching creation(s) that touch the senses to leave a precious and lasting impression in the mind : FLASHBACK

Art is a universal language.
it speaks to emotions.»

1 - Luxury and innovation

An approach transcending genders and temporal boundaries.
Bonding with the territories of art, design and fashion :

FLASHBACK Pâtisserie Haute-Couture - Edible art

A classic revisited with a touch of chic and quirky provocation : stimulation of the senses and pleasure - an explosion of flavours.

A concept designed with flair, bridging the past and the future.
« Meaningful creations suffused with heritage that everyone can appropriate and transmit. »
Oozing French know-how and enhanced by a dual Paris-London spirit.

Playful design and dreamlike staging arousing a feeling of uniqueness through an artistic and immersive experience.
A unique statement.

2 - The founder Virginie Knysak

After 4 years with l'OREAL LUXURY DIVISION, she founded in 2007 in Paris the agency K&K DESIGN, collaborating with majors fragrance, fashion, jewelry luxury brands on international projects.

Inspired by a dual cultural influence Paris-London, she now decided to create FLASHBACK.

« Everyone envies us for having this amazing pâtisserie, that goes through time, timelessly relished by women and men alike, who cannot have enough of it yet keep an ever slim silhouette ! »

« Overseas, the French Pâtisserie, like French couture, embodies ultimate refinement. »

Just like French accent « the French Pâtisserie has a sexiness to it ». Flashback echoes a vision and brings French Pâtisserie a touch of Rock&Roll attitude and creative energy.

3 - From the Madeleine to Flashback Luxury House

ROYAL ROOTS: The Madeleine de Proust was born in Lorraine in the 18th century in the kitchens of Stanislaw Leczinsky, KING OF POLAND and DUKE OF LORRAINE ( and father-in-law to the King of France Louis XV ). Stanislaw had these peculiar little tea-time cakes made especially for the French philosopher Voltaire and Madame de Chatelet who were guests at his castle.

THE SYMBOLISM of the Madeleine goes back to the famous French writer MARCEL PROUST, who showed that taste and scent could be as exceptionally powerful as great music in conjuring up memories.

MEMORIES and ROMANCE are emotions common to all and every nationality : they are universally human.

« The allegory of the Madeleine of Proust in today's international language becomes : FLASHBACK ! »


VIRGINIE KNYSAK was born in Lorraine - and she is the same age than the President Macron and than the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

The Lorraine-born Madeleine and other delicious pâtisseries were a part of her childhood.
She inherited a secret recipe that was then twisted, resulting in a unique interpretation.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR, founder of the agency K&K DESIGN and of, Virginie Knysak has the instinct of the Designer and a wealth of creative experience.

FLASHBACK is an experimental medium expressing a powerful vision :
« the Love of Craft » !

A peerless technique at the service of powerful artistic imagination.

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